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This powerful album has  been designed to reprogram your mind to manifest your desires faster.

We’ve added powerful frequencies along with the combination of the most advanced method to help you reprogram your mind to manifest your desired results fast.


Affirmations includes the following features:


  • Male chest  to female Breasts overnight
  • Non stop breasts growth


  • Get beautiful female aureole
  • Get desired  female nipple
  • Be able to produce breast milk
  • Boost estrogen and growth hormone levels for excessive breasts growth
  • Get firm and symmetrical breasts
  • Youthful and flawless breasts skin
  • Get rid of breasts  imperfections
  • Get Super fast and permanent results
  • Get desired results  instantly
  • Get the most biggest and sexy breasts in the world
  • PTV  quick Transformation
  • Shrink  penis & testicles  super fast
  • Get your desired vagina fast
  • Remove all unwanted  body hair overnight
  • Get extremely  big heart shaped butt
  • Get extremely  wide hips
  • Feminine toned legs
  • Flat belly
  • Feminine  forehead
  • Feminine  back and shoulders
  • Feminine  arms ,hands,legs,neck  feet

Remove subconscious  blockages fast

Get rid of auto self sabotage

Always Be happy

Improve  visualization skills

Be smart and genius

Attract all  sexy men easily  and effortlessly

Make all men fall in love with you at first sight

Make all men get hypnotized by  your beauty attractiveness

Get a supernatural  angelical high pitch  singing voice

Get rid of Adam’s  apple fast

Get a supernatural  feminine sexy face

Get a Supermodel walk

Look glamorous

Speak  any desired language  easily and effortlessly

Be telepathic

Understand  and be able to read people’s  mind

Have a powerful  aura of protection  and attractiveness

Protect yourself  from negative and toxic people

Protect yourself from people  bad eyes

Look extremely  attractive like Victoria’s  angels

Super gorgeous  healthy long hair

Super long feminine  healthy nails

Look always  attractive and sexy with or without makeup

Desired eyes color

Extremely  longer eyelashes

Feminine arched eyebrows

Feminine  petite cute nose

Sexy lips

Perfect healthy white teeth

Healthy teeth and gums

Repair broken teeth and cavities overnight

Get a healthy immune system

Be immune to  all kind of bacteria or  disease

Body resistant to any bacteria or virus

Be super healthy

Have a healthy lifestyle

Attract  a romantic  relationship

Ger family and friends support

People  find you incredibly  beautiful and charismatic

Have a good sense of humor

Be funny and spontaneous

Get super quick results  overnight

Manifest your desired life

The law of Attraction  work always for you

Forced affirmations  has been added


Format mp3

Duration 12 hours


3 Different  Albums + Visualization  Video Included.


Version #1

Relaxing nature sounds ,positive  affirmations, relaxing meditation music ,super powerful  frequencies.

Duration:4 hours


Version #2


Relaxing nature sounds ,positive  affirmations, ,super powerful frequencies.

Duration:4 hours


Version #3

Completely  Silent Subliminal


Version #4.

Visualization  video with great images ,visual subliminal  messages .

Duration:20 mins