12 Hours Super Strong MTF TG Transformation

Reprogram your mind to achieve your desired results at the speed of the light using the most strongest subliminal affirmations.

As you may  know PNL is the most advanced method that most famous celebrities  use to reprogram their mind to manifest their goals super fast.

This album has been created using PNL method to help our listeners in their transformation and subconscious  mind reprogram processes ,accelerating all desired results satisfactory in a short period of time.


Affirmations contains the following features:

*Remove subconscious blockages

* Get rid of stubborn mind

*Reprogram your mind for super fast results

*Activate your Pineal gland to manifest fast

* Active & Balance  your Third eye Chakra to manifest fast

* Clean & Purify your Aura

* Remove all negative thoughts & emotions

* Be extremely positive and optimistic

*Get rid of auto- sabotage



.Become  a Supernatural Woman Fast

.Penis to vagina transformation fast

Manifest your desired vagina fast

Manifest female reproductive system fast

Increase female hormones

Decrease male hormones

Produce Female Chromosomes

Be able to get Pregnant

Have an incredible and perfect body

Extremely beautiful  feminine face in the world

*Petite nose

Sexy lips

Feminine forehead

High cheekbones

Perfect gonial angle with 90°

Perfect feminine chin

Extremely longer eyelashes, that grows extremely fast everyday

Well defined & Feminine arched eyebrows

Desired eyes color

Perfect and exotic  feminine face features

Perfect body shape

Hourglass body

Extremely bigger boobs

Non stop breasts growth

Symmetrical breasts

Get rid of breasts imperfections

Transfer all excess of body fat to breasts for maximum growth

Extremely bigger butt

Feminine legs ,feet,hands arms,

Elegant neck

Feminine shoulders & back

Remove Adam’s apple fast

Femenine High pitch voice

Unwanted body hair removal

Whiter Healthier Perfect  teeth & gums

Always have a fresh mint breath smell

Get rid of bad odors

Private parts always smell nicely.





Singing voice

Develop all your hidden talents

Get a sexy booty like Jenifer Lopez

All Men get attracted to you instantly

Attract loyal friends

Get an incredible family support

Everyone accepts you the way you are

People always will always remember you as a girl

Be charismatic,smart

Increase IQ

Be always enthusiastic

Believe in yourself

Increase confidence

Deep belief in the power of your mind

Increase faith in  your subliminal results

Get noticeable results

Get permanent results


Format: HQ mp3 320kph


Total Album duration :12 hours

3 Different Albums

4 hours each


Meditation Music track

Nature sounds track

Silent track


All tracks contains PNL method to reprogram your mind fast,positive affirmations,strongest brainwaves ,miracle frequency ,etc ,astrological tunes


Buy this amazing album today! ,Begin transforming your life ,become the person you want to be now .