3 Hours MTF Breasts Booster

Are you ready to manifest extremely bigger breasts super fast!

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This powerful album has  been designed to reprogram your mind to manifest your desires faster.

We’ve added powerful frequencies along with the combination of the most advanced method to help you reprogram your mind to manifest your desired results fast.


Affirmations includes the following features:

*Remove subconscious blockages

  • Get rid of stubborn mind
  • Accelerate the process satisfactory
  • Male chest  to female Breasts overnight
  • Non stop breasts growth
  • Get beautiful female aureole
  • Get desired  female nipple
  • Be able to produce breast milk
  • Boost estrogen and growth hormone levels for excessive breasts growth
  • Get firm and symmetrical breasts
  • Youthful and flawless breasts skin
  • Get Super fast and permanent results within a week
  • Get the most biggest and sexy breasts in the world

Format: mp3.

Duration: 3 Hours

Meditation music, relaxing nature sounds, brainwave entrainment, positive affirmations.


Headphones are required for best resul