Attract Wealthy Men Effortlessly + Supernatural Beauty

Unlock your natural ability to attract wealthy men and be your true, vibrant, beautiful self around the men you like. The subliminal messages will program your mind with deeply positive thought patterns that allow you to always be your most confident and attractive self!
Affirmations includes:
Improve confidence
Attract Wealthy men Effortlessly
Look incredible attractive to men
Become Supernaturaly beautiful
Get your desired hourglass figure
Get a smaller waist
Wider hips
Heart shaped butt
Gorgeous healthy hair
Cute and adorable Feminine voice
Increase wealth
Become a money magnet
Manifest a luxurious lifestyle
Eliminate any negative self perceptions and beliefs which may be subconsciously holding you back and projecting negative energy to men, perhaps even sending signals to men warning them not to approach you.
Become irresistible to Wealthy men

Duration : 10.25 mins

Inspirational music.Relaxing Rain Sounds.
528hz Miracle Frequency for manifestation
Theta waves 4 hz
Positive affirmations

Headphones are required for best results