Become the best version of yourself

Here is our best selling  album.

This album has been  designed for those who have been struggling with slow results, due to stubborn minds  and perhaps other reasons.

No need to worry  anymore, this powerful  album will target the most deepest levels of your subconscious mind  allowing you to finally manifest your desired results as quickly as possible.


Affirmations includes  the following features:


*Rapidly release all negative  thoughts and emotions

*Affirmations  will get ingrained  into your subconscious mind  fast

* Remove all subconscious  blockages fast


* Get rid of stubborn mind

*Make this recording affirmations  to work instantly for you no matter what

* Get  noticeable  results fast

* Increase  positive belief and faith in your subconscious mind



  • Manifest  your desired female body fast
  • Overnight Penis to vagina transformation
  • Get the most attractive  and supernatural feminine  sexy body fast
  • Look like a famous supermodel
  • Elegant  neck
  • Perfect feminine  forehead
  • Desired feminine  face features
  • Feminine  bone structure
  • Get rid of Adam’s apple fast
  • Extremely  wider hips
  • Extremely  big heart shaped butt
  • Attract all men your desire instantly
  • Get family and friends support
  • Be the most beautiful and attract female  in the world
  • Very attractive  and alluring eyes,desired color
  • Extremely bigger  eyelashes
  • Feminine  eyebrows
  • Feminine Small cute nose
  • Sexy lips
  • Perfect white teeth
  • Healthy gums
  • Heal all damaged  teeth and cavities fast
  • Get a beautiful  feminine high pitch voice
  • Affirmations  penetrates your DNA  allowing you to achieve  desired results at the speed of the light
  • Healthy lifestyle
  • Get a healthy immune system
  • Body is strong and immune  to any kind of bacteria or virus
  • Strong protection  against Coronavirus
  • Beautiful  and perfect feminine  legs,thighs, feet,arms, hands ,back ,shoulders
  • Healthy and extremely  gorgeous hair like Victoria’s  secret
  • Live a happy life
  • Manifest your dream life fast
  • Be remembered  as the most beautiful  female woman all times
  • Feminine  chromosomes
  • Excessive  and enormous  breasts that never stop growing
  • Get the biggest  bra size
  • Healthy vagina
  • Increase  female hormones
  • Decrease  male hormones
  • Fast Body hair  removal
  • People get hypnotized by your  incredible beautiful and charisma
  • Look elegant  and have your own personal  feminine style that make everyone  gets attracted to you instantly
  • Manifest  your desired results  fast using the law of Attraction
  • Get beautiful  soft flawless skin
  • Look always  younger
  • Become the best female version ever

Format mp3

Total duration  12 hours


3 Different  versions .


First version

Nature sounds, positive affirmations,  powerful bi beats ,Meditation music


Second version

Nature sounds,powerful frequencies, positive affirmations


Third version

Completely  silent subliminal