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Affirmations includes the following features

Become the most attractive and supernatural beautiful woman in the world

Super fast male to female Transition
Super fast penis to vagina Transformation
Testicles and penis shinker overnight using the most authentic and powerful frequencies for fast results
Get exuberant extremely bigger breasts
Non stop breasts growth
Sexy female breasts
Get a youthful tiny vagina
Female chromosomes
Get rid of Adam’s apple fast
Get flawless skin
Very youthful and soft skin
Look like 20 years old always
Full body rejuvenation
Supernatural and perfect feminine face features
Be sensual, sexy ,lovely, incredibly beautiful
Have a sexy female supermodel walk
Look incredible attractive and gorgeous
Have the most attractive female body features in the world
Get extremely wider hips
Extremely bigger heart shaped butt
Beautiful feminine legs,arms,hands,feet, neck, back.
High pitch angelical feminine voice
Attract the most handsome men in the world
All handsome men fall deeply in love with you at first sight
Get a marriage proposal
Attract love ,loyal friends
Be charismatic and enthusiastic always
Get family and friends support
Everyone knows you as the most attractive and beautiful woman in the world
Have the most gorgeous healthy hair, easy to manage and styles
Unwanted body hair removal fast
Get an hourglass figure

Get permanent and quick results overnight
Affirmations get deeply ingrained into your subconscious mind fast
Make this subliminal recording to work 999 trillion times faster and gives you all desired results at the speed of the light.

Remove subconscious blockages
Increase deep belief in the power of your mind
Get quick results when breathing,eating,sleeping, thinking
Feel always positive and optimistic about your results
Never get fat no matter how much you eat
Have a healthy lifestyle
Manifest desired height
Smaller rib cage
Feminine shoulders
Perfect feminine forehead
Lighter eyes that changes color according to the weather
Female dna
Feminine reproductive system
Get normal and regular periods
Be able to conceive
Have a lots breast milk
Feel like a woman when doing sexual intercourse .
Increase sex drive
Be the queen of sex and kamasutra
Body immune to all diseases
Have a strong immune system
Body immune to all type of bacterias
Be super healthy and strong
Get perfect straight whiter teeth
Healthy teeth and gums
Heal all damaged teeth cavities
Get the results of 1 year in seconds using the power of your mind
Improve visualization skills
Super powerful transgender Supercharger included

Format mp3
Duration: 9 hours.

3 different versions.

Version #1
Nature sounds, powerful frequencies, subliminal messages

Duration:3 hours

Version #2
Relaxing music Nature sounds, powerful frequencies, subliminal messages

Version #3

Completely silent subliminal

20 mins Visualization Video

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