Body to Die For( Female Combo)

Hey girls, it’s time to get in shape and get

an attractive, beautiful body that everyone would be crazy to have and die for.


This great track contains positive subliminal messages designed to reprogram your subconscious mind aligning your thoughts and emotions to manifest what you want fast.


We all have subconscious beliefs and habits that prevent us from living our dreams and our true potential.


Subliminal messages are the best and fast way to reprogram your subconscious in a positive way .

Affirmations includes:


Blockage Removal

Mini Booster

Be a positive and optimistic person

Manifest everything you desire fast

Have a powerful belief in the power your subconscious mind

Increase faith in subliminal messages

Clean & Purify your Aura

Mind rapidly absorbs the subliminal messages fast

Body rapidly responds to these subliminal messages fast

Have a very receptive subconscious mind


Only get what you really want to manifest

Have a perfect and extremely beautiful FEMININE jawline.

Get rid of face fat rapidly

Get a slimmer face

Elegant and Angelical neck

beautiful slim sexy neck

have a feminine defined collar bone

have a boney collarbone have sexy beautiful collar bone

have an elegant highlighted collar bone


High cheekbones

Perfect and well defined FEMININE forehead

Beautiful and desired eye shape

Desired eyebrows

Extremely longer eyelashes

Sexy plump lips that every man would die for

Cute and petit Feminine nose with straight bridge and perfect nostrils

Attractive eyes

Desired eyes colour

Lighter eyes

Remove fat located on neck,chin ,face .

Have a gorgeous slimmer model face

Cute and Angelical Feminine voice that every man would like to hear always

Beautiful and healthy hair

Rapidly hair growth

Stop hair fall

Hair and scalp rapidly absorbs all necessary nutrients for rapidly growth and healthiness

Have a youthful face

Adorable and elegant Feminine all hands and feet

Remove wrinkles,acne ,birth marks,scars on face

Face lift

Remove all unwanted hair located on( face,chin,neck,arms ,under arms ,private parts ,legs etc forever.

Be free from Hyperhidrosis under arms

Have your desired hourglass figure

Tiny waist

Wider hips

Perfect and Feminine flatter stomach

Heart shaped butt

Slimmer and toned arms and legs

Be free from strawberry legs

Get rid of cellulites and stretch marks forever

Beautiful hands and feet

Desired breasts size

Symmetrical breasts

Breasts lifting

Youthful and sexy breasts

Desired skin tone

Skin resistant to ultraviolet rays ,sun tan,sun burn, toxins

Have a beautiful flawless skin

Have a perfect balanced hormones

get rid of Hip dips rapidly

Always be super healthy .

Manifest your desired life

Be a super wealthy woman

Become a money magnet

Have an incredible luck always

Be your own boss

Become independent

Businesses woman

Correct posture

Have a perfect posture

Have a perfect narrow shoulders

Desired height

Weight loss

Fast metabolism

smaller rib cage

Barbie smaller waist

Always have a slim body no matter what

Remove bad body odors

Body always have a nice scent

Have a healthy and tiny vagina

Youthful vagina

Free from bad odors

Always have a natural nice scent

Always look elegant and petit

Get permanent and quick results

Format: mp3

Duration: 36  mins

Motivational music, rain & thunder sounds ,positive affirmations, brainwaves

Headphones are required for best results