Eternally Supernatural Woman

Forever Woman is a beautiful and great album designed to reprogram your mind to become the person you want to be
Increase your supernatural beauty, look glamorous and more feminine ,using super strong law of attraction affirmations .

What you will get by listening to this great album
Increase female beauty with visible results
MTF overnight transformation
Super Strong Booster
Get permanent and noticeable results
Whole body Transformation ( mtf )
Manifest desired feminine body parts fast
Feel good about your results
Increase self- esteem
Super bigger breasts
Wider hips
Extremely big heart shaped butt ,well defined and beautiful exotic
Feminine beautiful angelic voice,high pitch
Feminine hands ,arms, feet, legs
Supernatural feminine face
Stay forever young
Whole body rejuvenation ,regeneration
Unwanted body hair removal
Perfect feminine body
Increase and produce all female hormones
Reduce male hormones
Beautiful healthy hair
Perfect teeth & gums
Fresh mint breathing
Desired body weight
Penis safely transitions to a perfect, fully functional vagina
– Vagina has all the perfect vaginal parts such as labia majora, labia minora, clitoris, female urethra
– Ability to have a normal pregnancy
– Experience regular menstrual cycles
– Be perceived and considered as extremely beautiful by all genders
Get Family , friends love and support
Everyone remembers you as a woman
– Fast and permanent results
Get rid of Stubborn mind
Have an absolutely positive mindset
Subconscious mind instantly absorbs and responds to the commands
Body rapidly responds to these affirmations
Get forced Results overnight
Results penetrates your DNA
Results never fade
Results are real & visible
Get results super fast after first listening
Get permanent results
feel the results immediately after first listening
Everyone notices your results

Format : mp3

You’ll get 3 Different tracks

First one
3 hours
Relaxing Nature sounds ( Rain & River Sounds ,positive affirmations, 528 hz frequency

Second one
3 hours
Relaxing meditation music ( angelic music)
Relaxing wave sounds
528 hz miracle frequency
Estrogen frequencies
Positive affirmations

Third one
Complete Silent Audio .(3 hours)

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Each audio 10 mins length ( 3 audios)