Face Feminization.( MTF)

Naturally transform your masculine face into the most attractive female face .
Get a beautiful and soft feminine face, sexy and supernatural Like a supermodel.
Youthful face looking
Perfect and flawless skin.
Have a smaller ,shorter narrower feminine cute petite nose
face has rounded corners just like a beautiful feminine girl
have less pronounced and well defined feminine forehead
More higher and more arched , with soft curves eyebrows
have Thin and neatly shaped eyebrows
higher,softer Fuller and rounded cheeks
have the most beautiful and stunning larger eyes and extremely thicker fuller longer eyelashes
remove all unwanted facial hair fast
Get rid of your Adam’s apple
Get a rounded cranium , more curved cheeks and neck line
face will gets softer until becomes more and more feminine
lips looks incredible sexy and more feminine
upper lip will get more softer and more pronounced ,
Get exotic plump lips

feminine lips that looks incredible sexy with your female face features
Perfect feminine chin
People thinks you are a woman
People will compliment your female face features
Get positive and permanent results
Everyones will notices your results

Format: mp3
Duration : 30 mins
Positive affirmations,brainwaves entrainment,nature sounds,relaxing soothing music.

Headphones are required for best results.