Feminine Overload( MTF) Transgender)

Reprogram your mind to get the feeling of becoming a Supernaturally Beautiful Female.

Using this powerful tool on a daily basis you’ll feel quick and noticeable changes .


Affirmations include

Complete MTF Transformation

Stop Self sabotage

Increase self- esteem


Get a beautiful and feminine Supernatural symmetrical face & body

Bigger Boobs ( pink aureolas)

Non stop breasts growth

Tiny waist

Hottest curves

Hourglass body

Big butt,( heart shaped)

Toned slender feminine legs

Supernatural and attractive Victoria’s Secret Angels Supermodel Body

Gorgeous ,thicker,voluminous ,healthy hair 

Scalp & hair rejuvenation

Manifest Victoria’s Secret Body Care and hair care products

Long elegant feminine neck

Unwanted hair removal ( whole body including face)

Lower Testosterone levels

Increase female hormone levels

Boost estrogens

Beautiful  feminine hands & feet

Beautiful feminine back

Beautiful and feminine high pitch voice

Beautiful eye shape

Gorgeous and well defined eyebrows 

Extremely long ,thicker curvier eyelashes

Sexy lips

High cheekbones

Super cute Deep dimples

Perfect chin

Symmetrical face

Perfect and feminine jawline 

Perfect and feminine forehead

Perfect and feminine shoulders

Desired eyes color

Perfect and  gorgeous soft and youthful flawless skin


Get rid of all skin  imperfections


Beautiful female smile

Perfect whiter teeth

Nice mint breathe

Natural and nice body fragrance 

Private parts smells always nice and clean

Always wake up beautiful and more feminine

People always remember you as a woman

Get family support and love

Attract love,good fortune, luck,,wealth,prosperity, good health

Attract loyal friends

Be likeable and friendly

Learn to be patience 

Increase your belief in your inner power 

Avoid negative emotions ,thoughts .

Always be positive 

Everyone loves your personality and charisma

Get permanent and super fast results

Law of Attraction works instantly 

Forced Results

Be genius, intelligent ,increase IQ levels



Duration: 30 mins


You’ll receive 3 different versions of the same audio including a Super Visualization Video designed to boost your results using visual Subliminal messages and great  images .

Version #1 Relaxing Music, Positive Affirmations, Relaxing Nature Sounds, Binaural Beats ,Solfeggio Frequencies,Estrogen booster.


Duration: 30 mins


Version #2 Relaxing Nature Sounds

,positive Affirmations,Binaural Beats ,Solfeggio Frequencies,Estrogen booster.


Duration: 30 mins

Version #3 

Zero Frequencies

Positive affirmations

Relaxing Nature Sounds

Duration: 30 mins


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