Kim Kardashian Body Shape ( mtf)

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Get extremely Voluminous thicker female body like Kim Kardashian

MTF beauty transformation

Beautiful and supernatural desired female face

PTV transformation

Shrink all male private parts rapidly and safe

Get female reproductive systems

Produce and increase female hormones

Get extremely bigger sexy breasts

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Face and body rejuvenation

Female and defined legs and arms

Extremely bigger and Voluminous heart shaped butt

Extremely wider hips

Kim Kardashian body measurements

Smaller waist

Female back

Supernatural and feminine beautiful singing voice

Look incredible sexy and gorgeous always

Have a supernatural flawless skin

Remove all skin and body imperfections

Unwanted body hair removal

Booster included

Forced affirmations are included

Get permanent results overnight


You’ll get 3 different versions of the same Subliminal


First version :

Duration: 30.45 mins

Meditation Music ,positive affirmations, brainwave entrainment, ocean wave sounds


Second version: positive affirmations, brainwave entrainment, ocean wave sounds


Third version: Silent Subliminal

Extra bonus ( Latest Booster )


You also will get An extra video to super charge your results with powerful visual and audible Subliminal messages providing the best results  for you.


Headphones are required for best results


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