New Year Super Powerful MTF Transformation

Would you  love to make your dreams come true this new year and become a supernatural beautiful woman !

If yes this is the right album for you


Affirmations has been designed to completely set your mindset, by becoming more optimistic engaging your conscious and subconscious mind to manifest your desired faster allowing your mind to accept the commands  easily and your body to react quickly and safely giving you permanent and noticeable results in a short period of time.


Become the most attractive and supernatural woman

Manifest all wishes and desires at the speed of the light

Get super bigger boobs

Extremely bigger butt

Heart shaped butt

Wider hips

Tiny waist

Feminine hands,legs,arms ,

Remove all unwanted body hair

Be able to produce breast  milk

PTV transformation

Increase all female hormones rapidly

Lower and block  testosterone rapidly

Get a  cute high pitch female voice

Supernatural face features

Desired weight and height

Have a healthy immune system

Perfect whiter teeth

Healthy gums

Gorgeous and thicker female body

Reduce male  private parts size to rapidly get your desired female private parts

Be able to conceive

Have a female reproductive system

People will find you extremely beautiful and attractive

Have family and friends support

Increase self-esteem

People always remember you as a woman

Have a small   rib cage

Get rid of Adam’s apple

Develop bones feminization

Feminine shoulders

Elegant feminine neck

Get instant results

Get permanent results

Results penetrates DNA

Beautiful feminine eye set

Extremely longer and curvier eyelashes

Feminine and arched eyebrows

Desired eyes color

Become the person you wanna be easily and instantly


Format : mp3

You’ll receive 3 version of this album


Version #1

Meditation music,528 hz miracle frequency, relaxing nature sounds ,female hormones frequencies,positive affirmations

Duration :3 hours


Version #2


528 hz miracle frequency, relaxing rain sounds ,female hormones frequencies,positive affirmations

Duration :3 hours

Version #3

Completely Silent Subliminal

Duration 3 Hours

Version #4

Water Reprogramm booster

Duration: 1 Hour

Positive affirmations ,relaxing water sounds,miracle frequency


This audio has been designed to reprogram your water to help you boost your results every time you drink a glass of water.

Place a a glass of water or a container with pure water next to your subliminal overnight ,drink your water first time in the morning visualizing during 3 seconds your desired outcome as if already happened .


Version #5

Subliminal Video

Duration : 20 mins

designed  to help you improve your visualization skills and be able to manifest your results fast

Contains powerful subliminal messages, images ,background effects 3 d images .


Don’t miss the opportunity to become the person you wanna be .

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