Overnight MTF TG Supercharger


Get ready to boost your results by listening to this powerful Supercharger .

This great album is the Vol #2 of our quickest MTF TG

This time  new powerful affirmations and frequencies has been added




Affirmations contains the following details

Get Super quick results at the speed of the light

Results penetrates your DNA

Results stay forever



Get rid of stubborn mind

Subconscious blockages removal

Get permanent and super quick results

Everyone notices your results

– ability to get pregnant

– breast milk production

– more hormones affirmations

– female personality

– improved penis to vagina affirmations

– become a female

– female reproductive system

– penis to vagina

– estrogen production

– lower testosterone

– stop testosterone production

– female body

– develop boobs

– get a bigger butt

– slimmer waist

– wider hips

– small, rib cage, shoulder, arms, hands, feet,

– bone feminization

– high pitch feminine voice

– smaller Addams apple

– desired height

Be always very happy while listening to your audio

develope Extreme love towards yourself


rapidly Block testosterone

Develop and produce estrogen only

Be loved as a female

have a Clear vision and hearing

have a perfect Golden Ratio


have extremely Long, silky, strawberry scented hair in your desired hair color

develop Desired eye color and extremely curlier longer eyelashes

have a Female, rose pink cheeks, and beautiful smile

have Cute ears, sensitive earlobes for nibbling

have Desired nose shape

have a perfect Smooth and clean skin, immune to skin damage, diseases, and infections

have the most Luscious feminine lips, that tastes like peaches when kissed

rapidly remove all facial hairs, except for eyebrows,

remove unwanted body hairs

have a beautiful and elegant Female neck,

reduce and rid Adam’s Apple permanently

transfer all Body fats to breasts, hips, and tushy

Develop sensitive female breasts and nipples

have Narrow down shoulders, vanilla scented

have beautiful feminine , soft, ladylike arms and hands

Underarm free from hairs and repugnant odors, cotton candy scented

have a sexy Hourglass body, soft tummy & cute belly button D

have Desired size bouncy and soft tushy

Testicles gone permanently

manifest your desired ovaries

Penis to vagina Transformation

female genitals are strawberry scented

Glands develops into a clitoris

Be super sensitive down there

have No hairs down there, smooth pubic area only

Bleach naturally down there permanently

always Become tight before and after sexual relations

remove unwanted hair on legs, ankles & feet

Get feminine feet , jasmine scented or your desired scent .

Get the Quickest results ever

Total duration 8 Hours

Become a supernatural girl

Extremely beautiful and attractive

Get a symmetrical face & body

Gorgeous and Super healthy hair like Victoria’s Secret Angels

Extremely bigger boobs

Extremely bigger butt

Extremely wider hips

Extremely tiny waist

Hourglass body shape

Have The most beautiful Feminine face in the world

Perfect face features

Extremely longer eyelashes

Arched and feminine eyebrows

Perfect nose

High cheekbones

Perfect feminine forehead

Perfect feminine shoulders and elegant neck

Rapidly remove Adam’s apple

Get a female bone structure

Beautiful exotic eyes

Desired eyes color

Desired hair color

Increase all female hormones

Decrease male hormones

High pitch  feminine voice

Angelical singing voice

Have a female  supermodel look

Desired height

Get a small ribcage

Beautiful feminine legs and thighs

Remove unwanted body hair fast

PTV quick  transformation

Manifest your desired vagina fast

Have a beautiful vagina ,with a nice and fresh natural fragrance

Look  stunning and Super sexy always

Attract your desired person

Get family and friends support always

Increase self esteem

Love yourself

Get permanent and super fast results

Accelerate law of attraction process

Make all subliminal audios work  instantly for you


Format: mp3

You’ll get 4 version of the same album



Nature Sounds

Law of attraction Positive affirmations

Brainwave entrainment

Universe frequencies to accelerate your transition

Duration: 3 hours




Meditation music,Nature Sounds

Law of attraction Positive affirmations

Brainwave entrainment

Universe frequencies to accelerate your transition

Delta waves for  a deep relaxation

Duration: 3 hours


Version #3


Silent audio

Duration :3 hours


Version #3

Miracle Water Reprogram

Duration 2 hour 20 mins


This special recording should be used only to activate and Reprogram your water ,it will boost your results and make you feel more optimistic and confident .

Play this water Reprogram audio next to your water ,during 2 hours ,then drink the water and start listening to your audios ,you can repeat the same process as many times as you wish .


First Results after listening and drinking your miracle water should appear within  a few hours .


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