Perfect Health.Body Healing.



Managing stress and aligning your beliefs about health and healing are very important in the mind-body healing process.  

You may wonder if healing Subliminals  can actually help you heal physically or if they just make you FEEL better. If you have  doubt about the power of your mind to heal yourself, consider the Placebo effect.


Placebos are the only drug known to man that have cured every type of illness. Imagine that! If a sugar pill or saline injection can cure your health issue, what can YOU do with your mind power?


Your own belief is critical to your success. Positive reinforcement with  healing subliminal audios will help with that ,as will visualization techniques combined with relaxation.


This great tool is designed to help you reprogram your mind In a positive way to manifest a perfect health ,heal your mind and body, 


whole body cells regeneration ,


boost immune system,


 have perfect teeth & gums ,


perfect vision ,


perfect hearing 


 have a healthy lifestyle,


Get rid of stress ,anxiety ,depression


increase self esteem ,


Body detox


be calm and relaxed, 

be resilient against illness

have a healthy mind body connection


Improve your health rapidly and naturally by listening to this audio now.

Format: mp3

Duration: 38 mins

Relaxing wave sounds,positive affirmations,solfeggio frequencies.


Headphones are required for best results