Perfect Me



This new album  has been designed to help you to assist with breast growth, loss of belly fat, estrogen, testosterone blockers, and to help your mind and body to manifest  fast

Powerful  frequencies  and law of Attraction  affirmations has been added for best and quick results


Affirmations included


*Grow Natural enormous  breasts super fast

*Non stop breasts growth

*Fat transfer  to breasts ,butt and hips

*Achieve  the maximum  breasts size

*Get a Supernatural  attractive female face & Body fast

*Get a super Flat  belly

*Extremely  Wider hips

* Sexy big heart shaped  butt

*Shrink testicles sizes

*Shrink  penis size enormously and fast

* Manifest desired female reproductive  system fast

* Manifest  desired vagina fast

* Have a super healthy & tiny vagina

* Be extremely  flexible

* Sexy  feminine  legs and thighs

* Have a good energy

* Be super healthy

* Healthy  immune system

Be able to block any bacteria  or virus from your body

*Never get sick ,always  have a healthy lifestyle

*Be super smart & Charismatic

* Attract loyal friends

* Attract love and happiness

* Be a successful  woman

* Have an adorable personality

* People will love to  talk to you

* Be elegant and sexy

* Look like a supermodel

* Have the most gorgeous  hair

* Manifest your desired life

* Get permanent  and quick results  at the speed of the light

* Force  your subconscious mind  to manifest your desired results  fast

* Get visible  results fast

* Learn to be patient and develop a deep belief  in subliminal .messages

* Trust the Universe

* Truly believe in the Law of Attraction

* Body always  have a natural nice fragrance

* Manifest Angelina Jolie’s  sexy lips

* Desired eyes color

* Be able to change your eyes color according  to the whether

* Nice cute petite feminine  nose

* High cheekbones

* Feminine  forehead

* Elegant feminine  neck

* Feminine  slender arms

* Feminine  hands ,feet ,legs

* Always look feminine

* Hypnotize people with your beauty

* Develop  supernatural skills

* Get rid of stubborn mind ,negative  intrusive thoughts

* Be always positive  and optimistic

*Have a powerful  magnetism to attract all handsome  men to you instantly

* Manifest all desired  results super fast

* Develop  great visualization skills

* Be super smart  and genius

* Have friend and  family support in your male to female Transition




Version #1


Positive affirmations, meditation music, nature sounds ,powerful frequencies


3 hours


Version #2


Positive affirmations, , nature sounds ,powerful frequencies


3 hours


Version #3


Silent subliminal

Duration 3 hours


Version  #4


Law of Attraction  visualization video

Using great images,positive  subliminal messages,

Duration  20 mins

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