Pretty Woman. ( mtf) transition

Get ready to transform yourself into the most attractive  and pretty woman.

This is one of our best  selling albums .


The Subliminal suggestions added in this album has been designed to enhance your conscious and subconscious mind to rapidly manifest all desired results as the speed of the light.


Affirmations included


Be extremely Suggestible in minutes ( allowing your mind to  instantly absorb all Subliminal suggestions super fast, prepare your body for the new transformation,  subconscious mind rapidly responds to all suggestions without rejections .

Remove all blockages,doubts negative thoughts that may affect your results

Be extremely positive & optimistic

Consciously accept and have  faith in the new transformation.

Be able to get almost instant results after listened once.

Remove all obstacles and negative thoughts.


Become the most attractive ,adorable supernatural,sexy pretty woman

Instantly increase your breasts size

Get extremely bigger breasts

Bigg and heart shaped butt

Beautiful and feminine legs  arms & hands.

Elegant feminine neck

Pretty &  feminine face features

Gorgeous and healthy voluminous hair ,desired color

Tiny waist

Wider hips

Transfer fat to  desired body parts

Desired height

Beautiful sexy high pitch feminine voice

Feminine chromosomes

Produce female hormones

PTV full transformation

Shrink all private parts fast

Unwanted hair removal fast

Increase belief in Subliminal messages

Love  and appreciate yourself

People finds you incredible attractive and sexy

People always remember you as a woman

Attract loyal friends

Family and friends support

Get permanent results

Results penetrates DNA


You’ll receive 4 different versions of the same album


First version

Be extremely Suggestible in minutes

Duration: 20 mins

Relaxing meditation music,positive suggestions, brainwave entrainment


Second version

Nature Sounds,brainwave entrainment, positive suggestions

Duration: 17 mins


Third version

Silent version

Positive suggestions ,brainwave entrainment, silent messages.

Duration: 17 mins


Fourth version

Format : mp4


Powerful Subliminal messages, nature sounds ,great images ,music

Duration: 20 mins



Headphones are required for best results.

Begin to listen the first version( be extremely Suggestible in minutes during 20 mins)

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