Strong & Powerful Law of Attraction Booster



Super powerful law of Attraction  Transgender booster.


Get ready to accelerate your subliminal results by listening to this amazing track.

Affirmations includes


Remove  all doubts ,negative thoughts and emotions

Get a   clear and pure mind

Be very positive and optimistic

Get rid of subconscious mind blockages fast

get rid of stubborn mind issues

believe in yourself

Manifest your desired female body fast


Increase self- esteem

believe in your inner God

Become the creator of your destiny

have the power to create and control your future using the power of your mind

have a powerful and beautiful mind

develop supernatural powers

always  manifest anything you  desire using the power of your imagination

Be able to become the woman you’d like to be

Be able to control your  feelings and emotions with the power of your your mind

believe in the law of Attraction

Accelerate your MTF transition

The law of Attraction works incredibly fast on you always

develop great visualization skills that helps you  to improve and manifest your desired life now

Everything you want is happen instantly

always  manifest positive things

Be happy and grateful for who you are

always  get incredible results from listening to all your subliminal  audios

Life becomes more easier now because  believe  in yourself

Be confident

have a great positive energy

remove all past karma

remove all past resentment against other people

forgive yourself

forgive others

Learn to love yourself

Be  healthy

Get  great and successful results from listening to this amazing subliminal booster

Subliminal affirmations have a deep impact on you

Get the results of 100 years in  just a second,

speeding up your  subliminal results 999 million times faster now

subconscious mind rapidly responds to these affirmations

Feel and notice your results after first listening

Become a great manifestator of your life




Duration;3 hours

Meditation music, relaxing gentle rain sounds, 432hz frequency of Law of Attraction to manifest things fast.