Super Powerful Female Combo

This is a great album designed to help you manifest your desires faster .

Clean and purify aura
Remove all negativism, blockages
Be videogenic and photogenic
Be likeable
Improve communication skills
Improve social skills
Be more outgoing
Stop self-sabotage
Stop nightmares
Remember your dreams
Dream your reality
Have a inner peace
Control your emotions
Be the alpha female
Be more seductive
Attract men
Be confident with men
Law of attraction accelerator
Desired weight
Fast metabolism
Transfer body fat to breasts ,butt and hips
Healthy lifestyle
Motivation to exercise
Perfect slim body
Heart shaped butt
exotic breasts,desired size
Smaller waist
Wider hips
Flat stomach
Slender legs
Have a natural body fragrance
Fresh breath
Vagina rejuvenation,always smell good and healthy
Boost immune system
Make any man fall in love with you immediately
Body hair removal
Gorgeous healthy long hair
Stress Relief
Desired life
Be multimillionaire
Attract love,fortune,luck, good health
Perfect teeth & gums,heal broken teeth and repair cavities
Eyesight improvement
Get rid of all body imperfections
Desired height
Flawless skin
Remove dark circles under eyes,wrinkles, have a youthful looking, facelift, prefect face features
Look like a model
Increase social media followers
Be incredible attractive
Hypnotize people with your beauty
Be smart & genius
Have a photographic memory
Increase IQ

Increase intelligence
Stop hair fall

Remove ,saggy skin,cellulite,stretch marks, acne,always look younger and incredible attractive
Have a beautiful angelic singing voice
Captivating eyes
Longer eyelashes, thicker eyebrows
High cheekbones
Perfect jawline
Perfect femenine ears
Perfect femenine shoulders
Perfect Model body
Femenine angelic voice
Correct posture
Porcelain doll looking
Hourglass body
Exotic lips
Perfect straight,petit and cute femenine nose
Desired eye color
Beautiful milky pale white skin
Be a famous celebrity
Have a luxurious lifestyle
Be Friendly, adorable, cute,attract loyal friends,
Increase bank account per nanoseconds, become a money magnet
Increase wealth , abundance,properity,health ,luck
Be an entrepreneur
Have your own business
Be your own boss
Be a multimillionaire
Attract luck
Be telepathic
Anti aging
Be motivated in life
Be enthusiastic
Be funny ,enjoy life
Travel all the world
Be a VIP any place you go
Be comprehensive and friendly
Have gratitude
Be kind ,lovely, polite ,confident, be a powerful leader woman
Femenine small hands & feet
Beautiful long nails
Perfect thighs
Slender arms
Attitude of gratitude
Improve visualization skills
Increase melatonin
Be all day full of energy
Overcome diseases
Healing light
Have a perfect body shape
Have healthy eating habits
Increase metabolism
Motivation to exercise
Stop late at night eating
Control your hunger
Stop late night snacking
Positive thinking
Be happy
Have a successful mindset
Desired life
Get compliments,
Be admired
Become more ambitious
Achieve all your goals
Think big
Leader skills
Get Permanent Results
Boost your results

Entrepreneur mindset
Format:mp3 audio.
Relaxing music,wave sounds,positive affirmations.