Super Powerful Wishes Manifestation ( Audio Version)



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Affirmations has been designed to help you reprogram your mind to manifest fast by removing first all negative blockages that may preventing you to achieve your goals .


Combining the most powerful law of attraction affirmations with Jupiter frequencies ,nature sounds and very relaxing meditation music this magnificent album is going to help you boost your results and you’ll be able to manifest fast ,by achieving all your dreams ,possible and impossible wishes .



Mp3 audio

Duration: 30 mins


Powerful law of attraction wishes affirmations ,booster ,forced results

Nature Sounds

Relaxing meditation music

Super Powerful Jupiter frequency

Miracle frequencies 528 hz

Second version

Silent audioPositive affirmations

Most powerful Jupiter frequency to manifest fast

miracle frequencies 528 hz

Duration :30 mins

Third version

Relaxing Nature sounds


Positive affirmations

Miracle frequencies 528 hz

Super Powerful Jupiter frequency to manifest fast

Duration :30 mins







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