Super Quick results within a week


This is another great MTF TG Transformation album .

Get ready to manifest super quick results within a week.

Affirmations has been designed to reprogram your mind to manifest your desires faster,by removing first all subconscious blockages ,stubborn mind issues and let you feel positive and optimistic allowing you to achieve successful and satisfactory results within a week .

Here’s a list of the included features in this album

Remove subconscious mind blockages

Get rid of stubborn mind

Get rid of negative thoughts & emotions

Transmute all negative feelings into positive ones

Be able to manifest anything you desire instantly

Increase faith in subliminals

Have a deep belief in the power of your mind

Stop self- sabotage

Stop auto criticism

Allow your body and mind to manifest positive and successful results fast

Manifest your desired female body fast

Full male to female body Transformation from head to toes

Including ( vagina,all female reproductive system ,breasts ,female hormones and chromosomes)

Remove all unwanted body hair

Get a perfect flawless skin,very soft and youthful

Desired skin tone

Extremely bigger butt

Extremely wider hips

Extremely tiny waist

Non stop breasts growth

Get extremely bigger boobs

Supernatural beautiful female face

Super Model look

Desired eyes color

Sexy lips

Perfect whiter teeth

Healthy teeth & gums

Feminine shoulders & back

Remove Adam’s apple

Perfect symmetrical face & body

Perfect hourglass body shape

Heart shaped butt

Feminine legs,arms, hands,neck ,thighs

Private parts always smell nicely and aromatic

Have a nice mint breath smell

High pitch femenine voice

Beautiful and healthy hair like Victoria’s Angels

Manifest your desired life

Look always exotic and extremely sexy

Have a supermodel walk

Attract loyal friends

Get family support

Be extremely talent

Develop supernatural intelligence

Have a beautiful singing voice

Results get ingrained into your DNA forever

Results manifest within a week no matter what

Improve visualization skills

Get permanent results

Booster and forced affirmations are included


High quality mp3

Duration : 9 Hours

You’ll receive 3 different audio tracks

Version #1

Meditation music, relaxing nature sounds,brainwave entrainment, positive affirmations

Version #2

relaxing nature sounds,brainwave entrainment, positive affirmations

Version #3

Completely Silent subliminal to be used during your sleep time .