Super Strong Feminization .( MTF)

Super Strong Feminization is a great tool for those who seek quick and physically visible results.

This album contains the following details



– Built-in mini booster

– LOA accelerator

– Blockages remover

– Boost:

Increase self-love

Increase self-esteem

Increase self-confidence

– Have the exact DNA, genes, genetic traits, chromosomes, enzymes, genotypes, phenotypes, genetics, dominant and recessive genes and traits for a female face and female body

– Transition from male hormones to female hormones

– Dramatic reduction of testosterone

– Dramatic increase + boost of estrogen

– Smaller, extremely feminine beautiful head

– Smaller, extremely feminine head size

– Perfectly super beautiful + absolute extreme facial feminization

– Perfectly super beautiful + absolute extreme facial features feminization including:





*nose (+ smaller nose affirmations)









*side profile


– Adam’s apple permanent removal

– Male body to an extremely beautiful female body transition

– Perfect, female hourglass shaped body

Extremely thick body

– Super narrow, female shoulders

– Breast augmentation procedure

Non stop breasts growth


– Super big, perky, female breasts

– Super wide, female hips

– Buttocks augmentation procedure

– Super big, perky, female bubble butt

– Microscopic, tiny female waist

– Super narrow, small female rib cage

– Dainty, small, flawless female hands

– Dainty, small, flawless female feet

– Rapid scalp hair growth + longer beautiful hair

Produce all female hormones

Increase progesterone and estrogens

Remove all facial ,body and private parts  hair super fast

– Permanently shed all facial and body hairs below the nose

– Super soft, flawless, hair-free facial and body skin

– Adjustment of throat, larynx, thyroid cartilage, arytenoid cartilage, nasal cavity, oral cavity, and vocal cords produce ideal, alluring, feminine, high pitch voice

– Reproductive system safely transitions to a perfect, fully functional female reproductive system

Have a perfect & healthy teeth & gums

-Have all the perfect, fully functional female reproductive system parts such as uterus, ovaries, fallopian tube, cervix, fimbriae and endometrium

– Penis safely transitions to a perfect, fully functional vagina

– Vagina has all the perfect vaginal parts such as labia majora, labia minora, clitoris, female urethra

– Ability to have a normal pregnancy

– Experience regular menstrual cycles

– Be perceived and considered as extremely beautiful by all genders

 Get Family , friends love and support

Everyone remembers you as a woman

– Fast and permanent results

Get rid of Stubborn mind

Have an absolutely positive mindset

Subconscious mind instantly absorbs and responds to the commands

Body rapidly responds to these affirmations

Get forced Results overnight

Results penetrates your DNA

Results never fade

Results are real & visible


Format: mp3

Duration: 3 hours 30 mins


Relaxing meditation music

Campfire by the river sounds

528 hz miracle frequency

Positive affirmations

Second album

Silent Subliminal

Duration 3 hours 30 mins

To be used at bedtime to reprogram your subconscious during your sleep

Visualization video

Duration:20 mins

Positive Subliminal messages

Great images & background effects


Buy this great album and start to notice quick changes immediately .

You’ll be able to request a new audio any time you desire

Duration :20 mins with Booster included