Superhuman Intelligence

This is a great tool for those who are seeking to increase their intelligence . Through a series of subliminal messages, this album is designed to transform the way you think,increase your IQ,train your brain to completely develop a superhuman and supernatural intelligence .
Increase IQ
Get a Superhuman intelligence
Superhuman Speed reading
Superhuman Photographic memory
Superhuman Audio graphic memory
Process and compute calculations quickly
Have a Superhuman mental clarity
Improve logical thinking supernaturally
Develop Supernatural critical thinking skills
Enhance perception skills
Improve concentration
Increase focus
Intuitively know correct information and answers
Receive correct answers through your intuition
Superhuman Future sight and vision
Increase Causality Perception
Increase creativity and original thoughts
Improve memory supernaturally
Superhuman information retention
Increase learning capacity

Motivational Relaxing music,brain entrainment,ocean wave sounds,positive afformations