Testosterone Booster.Increase sexual pleasure.Increase Sperm production.


The testes are responsible for making testosterone, the primary male sex hormone, and for producing sperm.


This powerful album contains positive affirmations designed  to rewire your mind to boost your  testosterone levels  ,have powerful orgasms,  long lasting erections, unlimited sexual confidence,increase your sexual pleasure ,experience more powerful orgasms than ever before and gain a new level of excitement and enjoyment of sex, increase your sperm production,have a healthy lifestyle and be active to keep your sperm as healthy as possible.



Format: mp3

Duration: 30.06 mins


Relaxing water sounds,positive affirmations,brainwave entrainment, tantric music.


Headphones are required for best results.

How To Use it:

Easy and simple: Put on your Headphone/ earphone correctly: the ”R” side in the right ear and the ”L” side in the Left ear. Listen the Subliminal album at a comfortable volume level while relaxed. Remember not to listen  while doing activities that require your attention, such as driving or operating machinery.