Ultimate Sexiest Man Alive.



Get Ready to become the ladies’ man, the ultimate Sexiest man alive.

This great album contains positive subliminal messages designed to  help you a lot to be more attractive, sexy, hot and handsome.

Listening to this audio consistently will allow the affirmations sink into your subconscious mind, you will  really start to believe them, and eventually they will become your reality, they become a self fulfilling prophecy and will actually become true.


As you listen to this tool , you will find yourself feeling more positive than before ,being able to increase confidence ,self- esteem, and become a women magnet .


Affirmations include:


Be the most handsome man on earth.

Be the Ultimate Sexiest man alive 

Be by  far better looking and far more handsome than every male supermodel in the world.

 look like a male supermodel.

Be irresistible.

Be gorgeous.

Be  perfect.

Be  a God among men.

Be  the most aesthetically attractive and handsome man in the whole universe.

Be  the most handsome man alive.

Be  the most handsome man in the world.

Be  the most handsome man in the Universe

 have sexy and seductive eyes,

 extremely attractive eyes 

 Have the most attractive desirable size and width eyes 

have the most desirable and attractive prominence eyes 

 have supernaturally sexy and seductive eyes.

Your eyes  color is radiantly bright and astonishing.

Your irises are large and perfectly sized.

 have the most piercing, attractive and sexy eyes that can absolutely draw any female in.

The sclera whites of your eyes are incredibly bright white.

Your eyes are the most desirable and attractive color.

Your eyes are the most captivating and enchanting size and shape.

Your eyes are dazzling and sparkly.

 seductive and irresistible sexy eyes 

 incredibly mesmerizing eyes 

 have stunningly handsome facial features.

Your face is the perfect shape and size.

Your eyebrows are perfectly positioned and are the most attractive shape and size.


 Women will lust, approach, crave, seduce & fall madly in love with you.

  Have the face & body of a Greek God.

  Have a sexy face & body.

 Everything you  do is sexy.

Be   irresistibly sexy man 

 Have sexy & seductive eyes.

  Look youthful & attractive.

Be photogenic and videogenic 

  Radiate sexual magnetism & charm.

 have an  Embody seduction.


 have perfect and thicker masculine  Eyebrows


 have perfect and sexist  Lips

 have perfect and aligned straight  Teeth and healthy gums

Any damaged cavities rapidly heals now

 breathe smells nice and fresh always

 have Aesthetic Cheekbones

 have  Aesthetic Jawline

 have  Aesthetic Chin


 have gorgeous ,more manageable  Hair 

 have your desired hairline


Be incredible Handsome, Attractive, Sexy, Irresistible man 

Be the sexist man alive

Be  the ladies’s man 

  have an  Extremely Attractive Face

 have a Golden Ratio Face

 have Sharp, chiseled, defined facial features

 have the most sexiest and beautiful Masculine face 

 have High & Prominent Cheekbones

 have perfect and masculine hollow Cheeks

 have a Chiseled Jawline

  captivating and attractive eyes 

 have a Slim, perfect  straight masculine nose

have a perfect  youthful Flawless skin

 manifest your  desired skin tone

 have silky, beautiful, desired hair texture 

 manifest your  desired height 

 legs and torso are getting extremely longer now

 instantly remove unwanted body hair

 instantly increase  penis size overnight

 have a Greek god physique

 lean muscular body

 achieve desired body fat easily and quickly

 now have the most perfect and well defined sexiest 8 pack abs

 rapidly increase muscle growth in biceps, triceps, shoulders, back, chest, calves, quadriceps

 have a positive self image

 enhanced lovemaking skills

 attract beautiful women

 attract women effortlessly

Always Attract the woman you want instantly and effortlessly 

Be   a women magnet

 attract infinite love

attract anyone i desire instantly

 approach women confidently

 always know exactly what to say to women

 boost confidence and charisma

have a supernatural charm & attractiveness

 have a perfect intelligence

  have a social confidence

Be  a great dancer

 develop a perfect communication skills

Be  supernatural luck

Become  rich

Become a money magnet

Be wealthy ,prosperous and successful entrepreneur

  subconscious repeats affirmations until you get your  desired results

 always Get complete subliminal results immediately

 instantly Boost results from any subliminal you listen to

  subconscious works 1000 times faster

 Always get permanent subliminal results

Your nose is the most desirable and attractive masculine shape and size.

 irresistibly perfect nose

have the most desirable and attractive cheekbone prominence and position.

 have a perfectly formed aesthetic jaw that looks very masculine.

 have a perfectly formed aesthetic chin that looks very masculine.

 have a perfectly formed aesthetic cheekbones that look very masculine.

 cheekbones are stunningly chiseled and captivating.

 jawline is supernaturally masculine and well-defined.

 lips are perfectly shaped and sized.

 lips are seductive and alluring.

 lips are the most desirable and attractive masculine shape and size.

 lips are irresistibly seductive.

 lips are incredibly enchanting.

 have perfectly straight white teeth.

 teeth are healthy, strong and sparkly white.

 skin always looks stunningly flawless.

Have  radiant skin has tiny pores that always stay clean and clear.

 skin is radiant, free of blemishes and wrinkles, very smooth, soft, youthful and utterly flawless.


 always have a perfectly clear complexion and baby smooth silky skin.

 skin is flawless.

 hair is extremely thick with a low hairline perfectly adds to your extreme sex appeal and handsomeness.

 hair follicles are strong and thick.

 hair is very thick.

 hairline is perfect and aesthetic.

Be supernaturally attractive and desirable.

Your features are legendary and renowned.

Every single part of your face and body is extremely visually appealing, due to your fabulous genetic make up.

Your  face is handsome and unforgettable.

Your looks are irresistibly seductive.

Be extremely sexy and seductive.

Be  good-looking and adorable.

Be  charming and personable.

Be  appealing and glamorous.

Be  stunning and handsome.

Your  face stays forever youthful and attractive.

 face always look youthful.

  have the face and body of a youthful supermodel.

look amazing in every picture you take.

look amazing in every selfie you  take.

Be photogenic & videogenic

Have a deep masculine sensual voice 


easily  Make Beautiful Women Feel Extremely Sexually Attracted To You

Hot Women Approach, Pursue And Seduce you always

  Detect, Destroy And Replace All Negative Blocks That Held your   Back From Finding, Approaching And Seducing Beautiful Women

 Radiate Sexual Magnetism That Effortlessly Attracts Beautiful Women To you

Increase penis size overnight

Be an expert in all sex positions 

Be an expert in all Kamasutra positions 

Increase sex drive 

Have Rock hard  long lasting erections 

Make women enjoy and please her 

 have an  Irresistible Sexual Charisma

 have a  Powerful Alpha Male Status

  Radiate Sexual Energy

 have a  Deep Core Confidence

 rapidly Eliminate Social & Approach Anxiety

  Become  The Man That Is Naturally Good With Women

 Get Laid Whenever you  Want To

Get millions of fans in all your social media accounts

The most beautiful ,Hottest ,richest women follows your Facebook page 

Richest Gorgeous Younger women approach you ,they want to date you 


Be irresistibly sexually magnetic and attractive to beautiful women.

 Your  body language will radiates strong confidence and sex appeal.

 Women will become incredibly aroused when looking into your  eyes.

 clearly notice and understand the body language and indicators of interest of women.

 Begin to  naturally understand the best pace of the interaction, conversation and level of physical involvement.

  have a  complete conscious control over the sexual energies of women, and   use it for your and their pleasure.

 Your  lovers will  crave your deep sexual power.

 Your body language will charged with irresistible sexual energy.

 Women now will  become intensely aroused when they think about you

Get permanent and quick results overnight 

Booster included


Format: mp3

Duration: 36 mins 


You’ll receive 2 versions of the same audio + A Powerful Visualization Video ,that contains visual and audible Subliminal messages designed to  boost your results and help you manifest what you want instantly using the most advanced technologies.


First one: Relaxing Music, positive affirmations, brainwaves entrainment ,528 hz miracle frequency.


Duration: 36 mins

Second one:

Gentle rain sounds,positive affirmations, brainwaves entrainment ,528 hz miracle frequency.

Duration: 36 mins 


🎬Video duration : 36mins .


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