Venus Girl TG MTF Subliminal


Become a Venus Girl
Here’s another great TG MTF album for those who seek overnight results no matter what

Venus girl contains very powerful affirmations designed to reprogram your mind to rapidly transform yourself in the woman you want to be .

We also added the most powerful frequencies.

Cosmic Tone: Venus – for Beauty Love & Harmony

A MUST TRY – One of our strongest meditative frequency, associated with the cosmic tone of Venus and has been shown to have incredible positive effects in people. It has the frequency of 221.23Hz which is associated with beauty, love, feminism ,sexuality and harmony.

Affirmations included

Mtf quick transformation
PTV super fast transformation overnight
Shrink male genitals fast to become the most beautiful ,healthy vagina
Manifest female reproductive system
Get extremely bigger butt
Heart shaped butt.
Thick female body
Beautiful feminine legs, arms,hands,feet ,
Elegant feminine neck
Feminine back
Remove Adam’s Apple
Beautiful singing high pitch voice
Unwanted body hair removal
Desired height
Family & friends support your transition
People always gets hypnotized by your beauty and charisma
Be the most beautiful supernatural woman
Extremely attractive female face features
Sexy body
Supermodel body
Long thicker Gorgeous healthy hair
Beautiful female smile
Whiter straight teeth
Healthy teeth & gums
Perfect female forehead
High cheekbones
Sexy lips
Attractive eyes
Arched eyebrows
Longer curvier eyelashes
Non stop breast growth
Get extremely bigger breasts overnight
Send all excess of body fat to desired parts
Get permanent and quick results overnight
Be the most beautiful sexy woman in the world
Increase self-esteem
Be smart,
Develop supernatural powers
Be a successful person
Get forced results
Get noticeable results
Booster included

Format: mp3

Version 1
Nature Sounds,Venus frequencies for quick transformation, positive law of attraction affirmations
Duration: 1 hour

Version 2
Nature Sounds,Venus frequencies for quick transformation, positive law of attraction affirmations, relaxing meditation music
Duration: 1 hour

Version #3
Silent audio
Duration: 1 hour

Version #4
Subliminal video
With the most beautiful images ,visual subliminal messages ,relaxing music

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