Vol #1 Extreme Breasts Lift

Use the power of your mind to influence your physiology and naturally achieve your desired breasts .


Affirmation include


Get the most beautiful perky breasts

Natural Breasts lift 

Rejuvenate   the Cooper’s Ligaments and tightening  the pectoral muscles

Gradually manifest your desired breasts nipple size,color  and shape 

Get symmetrical breasts

Eliminate any signs of saggy breasts rapidly 

Send blood and nutrition to the area to encourage a firming reaction in the breast tissue.

Naturally lift up your breasts

Get firm and healthy breasts

Naturally reduce your breasts size

Instant breasts rejuvenation

Feel confident

Get permanent and quick results


Format: mp3

Duration: 15 mins

Positive affirmations, Relaxing nature sounds, brainwave entrainment 


Headphones are required for best results

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Duration: 15 mins

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