Vol2 Super Powerful Male Combo.

Here’s another Spectacular Super Powerful Male Combo designed to help you manifest your desires faster by aligning your thoughts & emotions towards your goals

Have Perfect and healthier teeth& gums
Perfect whiter teeth
Fix all cavities rapidly
Have a nice and fresh breath
Perfect Health
Be healthy as a teenager
Overcome sugar addiction
Boost Immune System
Rejuvenate and regenerate all body cells & organs
Be energetic and enthusiastic
Increase melatonin production
Have a good and youthful looking
Always have a youthful energy
Stop Hair fall
Hair rejuvenation ,get rid of grey hair
Have a healthy hair & scalp
Thicker hair
Stress Relief
Release all tensions from your mind and body
Be motivated to achieve your bigger dreams
Get rid of bad habits in life
Manifest a luxurious mansion and luxurious car
Become an incredible Alpha Male
Have a great sense of humor
Be naturally charismatic
Become an entrepreneur
Become a great and successful businesses man
Have a good sleep
Increase visualization abilities to manifest your desired life
Have a perfect eyesight
strengthening your belief in the law of attraction
attract success in all areas of your life
believe in your ability to manifest your dreams
have an attitude of gratitude
Attract hottest women
Aproach Women
Make women become crazy in love about you.
Always attract the most beautiful & hottest women effortestly and fast.
Penis enlargement,get extremely big penis
Be the king of sex
Improve your sex skills naturally,improve your sex movements and get a total confidence in yourself
Make all women get hynotized by your presence ,charisma,masculinity and sexuality.
Experience intense sexual pleasure without ejaculating
Be full of sexual energy and potential
Women will  approach you and have sex with you instantly
Have an amazing sexual stamina
Women will be naturally drawn to you
Have a sexy and seductive personality
Be the king of seduction
Be totally confident with women
Always create the best positions on bed with confidence .
Get all the women you want even the most difficult ones.
Have a sex appeals
Have good flirting skills
Have rock hard erections and be able to stop premature ejaculation by prolonging your sex time during hours without getting tired .
Quick Smoking and have a perfect health.
Have a perfect flawless skin
Be extremely lucky and extremely rich
Become a loto jackpot lottery winner many times
Be the kind of person who always win money on the lottery
Booster included

Format:mp3 audio


Relaxing music of manifestation,brain entrainment,positive affirmations.