Vol#2 Super Powerful MTF TG Combo .

Can you imagine if you could make your dreams come true? Just for 1 minute imagine what you would look like having your desired body, even changing other parts of your body using your mental power .

it may Sounds weird and impossible right?

but I want to tell you that there is nothing impossible in this world.


The power is within you, you just have to believe and develop your mental power to be able to manifest everything you want.


This powerful album will help you reprogram your mind, align your thoughts and emotions ,making you feel more confident in yourself, more positive, accelerate your gender transition process and increase your self-esteem, learning to love yourself, make you look more feminine and beautiful every day.


Affirmations contains the following details

Become a supernatural girl

Extremely beautiful and attractive baby face

Get a symmetrical face & body

Gorgeous and Super healthy hair like Victoria’s Secret Angels

Extremely bigger boobs,non stop breasts growth

Extremely bigger butt,heart shaped and exotic

Extremely wider hips

Extremely tiny waist

Supernatural Hourglass body shape

Have The most beautiful Feminine baby face in the world

Perfect and Stunning face features

Extremely longer eyelashes

Arched and feminine eyebrows

Perfect petit nose

High cheekbones

Perfect feminine forehead

Perfect feminine shoulders and elegant neck

Rapidly remove Adam’s apple

Get a female bone structure

Beautiful exotic eyes

Desired eyes color

Desired hair color

Increase all female hormones

Decrease male hormones

High pitch feminine voice

Angelic singing voice

Have a female supermodel look

Desired height

Get a small ribcage

Beautiful feminine legs and thighs

Remove unwanted body hair fast

PTV quick transformation overnight

Manifest your desired vagina fast

Have a beautiful vagina ,with a nice and fresh natural fragrance

Look stunning and Super sexy always

Attract your desired person

Get family and friends support always

Increase self esteem

Love yourself

Get permanent and super fast results

Accelerate law of attraction process

Make all subliminal audios work instantly for you

Manifest desired results instantly

Increase belief in subliminal messages

Develop visualization skills

Be smart and spontaneous

Be incredible charismatic

Attract loyal friends and love effortlessly


Format: mp3


Relaxing ocean wave sounds ,meditation music ,

Law of attraction Positive affirmations

Brainwave entrainment( delta waves for deep relaxation

Universe frequencies to accelerate your transition

Miracle frequency 528 hz

Duration: 3 hours


Second version

Silent audio

3 Hours

Designed to reprogram your mind overnight while sleeping.


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