Vol#4 Male Combo



This is our fourth Male Combo Version ,a great and powerful tool


 It  will help you build a long term and natural charisma that will transform you into someone who is effortlessly outgoing and charming, takes the lead in conversations, commands respect and attention, and always lets their true personality shine through brightly,You will find yourself to be much more positive and energetic, your mind will feel more aligned with your goals, and you will just naturaly go after your goals without stopping.



increase height,develop an attractive, healthy, and taller posture.



Attract money in abundance.Rewire your mind for positive thinking and become someone who naturally attracts abundance, money, and new possibilities.


♦ Luck

Reprogram your mind for luckiness and good fortune,you will feel effortlessly thankful and fortunate, naturally attract good luck into your life, and have a more positive attitude.


♦Law of attraction


Supercharge your law of attraction results,energize your law of attraction powers and reprogram your mind for positivity, belief, and manifestation.



Be super smart and genius

Increase IQ levels

Have a photographic memory

Become an intellectual person

Have The most high conscious awareness 

Be an enlightened person


♦Sexual Life

Be sexy and seductive

Rewire your mind for powerful orgasms, long lasting erections, and unlimited sexual confidence,unlock your sexual desire and make sexual enjoyment a natural and frequent part of your life,increase the size of your penis, develop powerful sexual confidence, and live a happier more fulfilling sex ,get the right mindset to help you to approach women,become the confident, strong, extroverted alpha male which women find attractive

Attract the most beautiful and hottest women easily and effortlessly



Have great teeth and healthy gums.beautiful and perfect smile


a Perfect, straight, strong, white, cleaned teeth   ,have Healthy gums,any broken teeth rapidly gets repaired

 rapidly  Cure overbite, underbite and crossbite.

 have  Close teeth gaps.

 have a Healthy, pink tongue , rapidly and instantly Correct tongue position ,always have a Fresh minty breath.


  ♦ Hair

  Have a perfect ,healthy ,thicker hair & scalp ,Reverse  gray hair, naturally increase melanin production, and restore your natural hair color.,hair cells will produce  high levels of melanin



Have a Perfect eyesight,develop sharper vision, improve eyesight, and increase overall eye health.

Have 20/20 vision 



Have a perfect health,overcome deeply held negative beliefs and thought patterns and transform you into someone who has the positive, clear, and strong state of mind needed to manifest a high degree of health and vitality.

Release stress

become someone who is naturally calm, balanced, and at peace within their life.


Be as healthy as a teenager

Perfect weight,take charge of your weight and increase your metabolism



Have a Perfect Masculine  body shape, 


Maximize your confidence in yourself . Restore your beach body confidence.

identify yourself as a healthy, confident individual,  feel more comfortable with who you are.

Increase muscle size,experience muscle growth like never before,develop an amazing six-pack.Become extremely motivated and driven to get totally ripped abs,


Have  an extremely muscular body , have an incredible muscular chest , have an extremely muscular arms , have an attractive masculine back .have a perfect long muscular toned legs ,Muscle Growth Develop big arms

muscles receive excellent nutrition and blood flow

Get Both Strong  upper and lower body


Achieve all your life goals easily and effortlessly

Have a  deep masculine attractive voice



Wake up being more attractive every morning.


Be an incredible  handsome, masculine

 Look dominating and strong

 always look extremely attractive

 have a Perfect skull shape, proportion and size

Symmetrical face.

 have a  Perfect, attractive side profile.

have a  High and prominent cheekbones.

have a  Hollow, sexy cheeks.

 have a  Chiseled, super sharp, defined, stronger, sexy jawline

High cheekbones


have a Warrior skull

 have a Flat and short occipital bone

 have Thick and strong neck

 have a Smaller neurocranium relative to the splanchocranium

 have a perfectly sized lower, mid and upper face

 have a Perfect eyeshape that is attractive

 have aMedial canthus perfectly downturned

have Upturned eyeshape

 have a Perfectly sized eyes

 have Hooded eyes

 have an Extremely attractive eye arch shape.

have a Perfectly thick and dark eyebrows and eyelashes

 have a  Perfect attractive eye orbits that gives me a beautiful eye shape.

 have a Vertically compact, projected, perfectly wide orbits

 have a Lower eyelid that covers around 2 millimeters of the bottom of your iris

 have a  Deep set eyes that are well supported by my  eye sockets

 have a Perfecty elongated medial canthus

Release any excessive facial fat now

have a Zygomatic bones that are attractive, perfect and well-positioned

 have a  Zygomatic bones that are well-proportioned and perfectly protruding

 have a Zygomatic bones that are perfectly high and defined.

have an Ogee Curve that is absolutely attractive, distinct and perfectly wide

 have a  Mid face and lower third face perfectly forward-grown

 have a Mid face perfectly projected forward

 have an Upward and Forward maxilla that is well proportioned in size and shape, well positioned and extremely attractive.

 have a Perfect attractive face shape

 have a Perfect attractive facial bone structure that is perfect in width.

 have an  Upturned nose with ninety grades nasolabial angle and  one hundred fifteen nasofrontal angle

have aPerfectly straight nose bridge

 have a Lower third face bones that are gorgeous, symmetrical, and well-proportioned

 Release any excessive lower face fat now 

have a Concave philtrum that is perfectly sized

  Perfectly sized attractive lips

 have a  Perfectly sized chin

 have a Perfectly aligned straight teeth

 have a  Supraorbital ridge that is aligned in prominence to the chin

 have a Strong and sharp supraorbital ridge

 have a Slopped and short forehead

have a Perfect chin and supraorbital ridge projection

 have a Perfect, prominent and defined gonial angle

 have a Gonial angle that has a perfect one hundred twenty grades angle

 have a Perfect dental occlusion

My Submental region tight to neck with a angle of approximately ninety grades

Perfectly taut submental region

  Release excessive chin fat now 

have a Perfect hyoid bone that is well proportionated and perfectly high

now Correct tongue, head and body posture

 haveThe correct tongue, body and head posture as natural postures for you

 Always chew and swallow food correctly

  Always breathe correctly and through your nose

 Always sleep with your mouth closed

Be extremely photogenic and videogenic.

 have a Stunning attractive side profile

Have a   Front face that  is extremely stunning,

everyone loves your personality 

 have a Perfectly symmetrical face with facial features that compliment and are in harmony with each other

 have a Healthy self esteem and self-love

believe and Accept myself

 have an Attractive laugh and smile

Get   The best Facial expressions that are always attractive

♦Social life

Be your own boss,be an entrepreneur, become a multimillionaire businessman



Perfect & healthy skin,flawless and gorgeous


Supercharge your results at the speed of the light

Get instant and permanent results



Duration: 1 hour


You’ll get 2 versions of the same album

First one with relaxing music

Second one with gentle rain sounds only


Relaxing music,gentle rain sounds,brainwaves entrainment ,417hz ,528 hz miracle frequency of manifestation

Positive affirmations


Headphones are required for best results