Frequently asking questions

How subliminal messages work?

The (Simple) Technical Explanation

Subliminal messages are basically just positive affirmations which have been recorded and then moved to a higher sound frequency. Yes, there are visual and video based subliminal messages as used in advertising, movies, and media, but for all intents and purposes, this is a self improvement information site and the use of subliminal messages is most common within the audio format.

You don’t hear the affirmations as they are at this higher sound frequency, just on the edge of the threshold of conscious human hearing.

They still reach your subconscious mind though, and this is extremely important as it’s actually your subconscious mind that you need to influence in order to change either your behaviors, thoughts, feelings or, in the end – your actions.

How Subliminal Programming Actually Helps

Because they reach your subconscious and not your conscious mind, this means that you can make changes from within without your logical, conscious mind being involved. That means that your conscious mind won’t be able to interfere with the process of positive change.

You see, your conscious mind protects the subconscious from overloading by choosing which out of millions of messages we potentially receive daily through either our own thoughts, advertising, other people or the media, will get into your subconscious mind.

How long will it take to work?

Everyone is different. As a general guide you should see some change within a couple of weeks, and then see the results to build further.

Is it safe?
Yes it is 100% safe. You will never experience any negative effects from our albums. We only use positive affirmations and you still actually retain control. If you want to change, if you want the album to work then your mind will accept the messages and it will help you. If you resist it then you will likely not get much benefit.

Can I listen while driving?

Although our albums will not put you into a trance, please do not listen while driving or operating machinery. The background sounds themselves can be quite relaxing. We also use some suggestions to help you to relax, and to let go of your stress and tensions etc – so please do not use them while you are driving.

Can I listen in my sleep?
Yes many of our users do. It is completely safe, and we have heard some excellent results from people – as well as using this method of listening ourselves. When you are asleep your “guard” is down and it can be an excellent time to send subliminal information into your mind.

Are results permanent?
Every album is different. Some albums are designed to be used on an ongoing basis – to give you a boost there and then. However, yes, many of our albums will bring about a permanent change in your mind. You are essentially changing your belief systems about yourself and your thought processes, and once you have changed them then yes, the results will last.

Do I need to use headphones?
No. Headphones are not required. Your mind will receive the messages through regular speakers – headphones are purely optional.
Do I need to speak English?

What will I feel?
Everyone is different – some people experience the effects of subliminal messages almost straight away; feelings of being energized, focused, clear in mind, or highly motivated are common. For others the changes take a little while to take effect, but over a longer duration you should notice a change in your attitude, and you will probably notice you have different thoughts and beliefs concerning the change you are pursuing – this will then start to filter into your everyday actions and change your patterns of behavior on a bigger scale.
How should I listen?
How you listen is a personal preference. There is no single best way to listen. What works for you might not be right for someone else.
If you are serious about making a change in your life then try and create a “total immersion”, i.e. play your albums whenever, and wherever you can. You can listen while you sit and relax, or while you work, while you study, while you read, exercise..and yes you can listen in your sleep too. You should use these albums as much as possible, and listen anywhere that you either have access to a computer, or are able to use your Mp3 Player.
This total immersion in subliminal audio, when combined with planning and conscious action towards your goals will make you much more successful – it will make sure you are ALWAYS focused on reaching your goal. It will ignite a burning desire to succeed; giving you a massive advantage towards anything you pursue in life.

Can I listen to several subliminal sessions at once?
It’s always best to focus on one goal at a time.

You will get faster results when you have a clearly defined goal in mind and allow yourself to focus entirely on that one thing.

And I know it’s exciting when you find something that really works… and you want to dive right in and finish everything all at once, but…

If you try to improve every area of your life simultaneously you will spread yourself too thin, deplete your energy, and fail to achieve satisfactory results in any one area.

Focus is power. So listen to each subliminal session until you are happy with your results before you move on to the next one.

Basically: If you’re happy with your results in only 2 weeks, there’s really no need to continue listening for 4-8 weeks. And, on the other hand, if you aren’t where you want to be at week 4, you should continue using that subliminal for the full 8 weeks

Why are your albums cheaper than other sites?
We operate on good nature – we do not want to overcharge anyone.

Can I read the subliminal scripts?
Wonderful subliminals work best when you don’t know the exact content of the script.

Here’s why:

The purpose of my subliminal audio sessions is to implant empowering beliefs about what you are capable of achieving…

…to create a new, positive self-image that will express itself through your habits and lead to better results in a specific area of your life.

In order to do this, you need to bypass all the defense mechanisms of the old, negative self-image.

Change is uncomfortable. And even positive change, in most cases, will set off your psychological defenses to keep you in your comfort zone.

The tendency is to resist any change, even good changes, simply because they are comfortable. Often times, we are our own worst enemies in this regard.

And the whole point of using a subliminal delivery system is to bypass those defense mechanisms…

…Because even when we really want to change, sometimes it’s a constant uphill battle to convince yourself at the subconscious level that the comfort of the known is nothing compared to the growth and prosperity you will create for yourself by stepping out into the unknown… as uncomfortable as it may seem, at first.


Reading the script first is like handing a detailed plan of attack to your ‘enemy’, right before the battle, and saying “Here’s what I plan to do, go ahead and reinforce your defenses so that my plan will fail.”

Not a very effective strategy… wouldn’t you agree?

And, of course, you aren’t really your own enemy. Those defense mechanisms have probably helped you survive some pretty tough times in your past… maybe especially as a child before you had all the psychological tools available to you now as an adult.

But… in order to get yourself on your own side… to align all of your subconscious and conscious resources towards a unifying goal and purpose… you must be careful in stepping around that initial resistance.

And if I made it impossible for you to do that, by giving you the script, I wouldn’t be able to guarantee any results…

…It would just be “hit or miss” at that point.

Subliminal messaging is a very personal thing; everyone experiences it differently, and even uses the albums differently. Our albums will never do you any harm, so experiment today, and FIND OUT what the best method of listening and using the albums is FOR YOU.
Some people listen to multiple albums at once, some people play one album all day and all night, others only have the time to listen for a few minutes a day. As long as you have some time to listen you will receive the benefit – the rest is personal preference, and finding the right solution for you.

“Subliminal Tips”

Do not get obsessed with the thought of receiving results, you have to let go and just relax.

•Find something that works for you. Everyones different, so if a person listens to their playlist/channel in one way.. That doesn’t mean their methods will work the same for you. You just have to know what you want, and make your own decisions.

•Be positive. Now, this is very important in manifestation. If you have a negative mind, or is in a negative environment.. You’re decreasing your chance of manifesting. Why? Because negative energy = low vibrations. You can only manifest if you have high vibrations (positive energy).

• Drinking water it’s always good to stay hydrated and keep the mind healthy.

•Go around thinking you already have your goals. Now, it might me hard at first, but soon with daily practice, your visualization skills increase. Even tell people you have your goals, no matter how crazy you sound.

•Choose between combos or simplistic things. I for one get faster results from combos, where as others get faster results from singular topics. Don’t listen to others, test and see what works best for you.

•Determine your own duration. Often times I see eye subliminal users talk about the process taking a year or more. Tell yourself it will take a year, and that is exactly what will happen. Tell yourself it will take seconds, and the process will be faster. You are powerful. Don’t limit yourself.

How to boost your subliminal results?

Clarity and Focus

So here’s a quick exercise you can do right now to ensure you have both.

It’s deceptively easy to do, but you will be surprised by how effective it is…

Choose one subliminal session to use. Think about why you chose it, and imagine the results you want to achieve with that session.

You can picture yourself living the life you want to live… being the person you will be and doing the things you will you do once you’ve made those changes. Be as detailed as possible and…

…Write it all down on a piece of paper.

Yes, right now. This simple little exercise will ‘prime’ your subconscious mind to ‘lock on’ to your goal like a laser-guided missile tracking a moving target.

It will keep you on track no matter what is happening in your daily life. And the results you get from listening to your subliminal session will be multiplied tenfold.

Quick, easy,

effective. You will change your life faster than you imagined possible with this simple trick.

Just pick one goal at a time, and write it down!