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Requests Pricing

Requests pricing depends on how many features are included in your custom subliminal .

We make Subliminals in different languages ,the most used are

English,Spanish, French, Germany, Russian Portuguese, Italian, Korean .

It’s up to you whether you’d like to include binaural beats or any other brainwaves entrainment into your audio file or not.

We also add  vitamins ,essential oils and gemstones healing frequencies into the audio file for better and quick results. It’s up to you  whether you’d like to include into your audio file or not.


Choose  the type of request you’d like to buy .Once the payment has done you’ll receive a  notification via  email with a submission request form that you’ll need to fill out  including  all details.


Your album  will be send  after 6 hours through a downloadable link.

Note: to get a huge discount for your order you have the option to purchase one of our Wonderful Subliminals Gift Cards